Arielis is a root search engine and classic web directory. Originally prototyped as RELS (Root Expression Language Search) and launched as Arielis Search Technology in 1999, Arielis returns search results using a database of content crawled from it's directory listings. The purpose of Arielis Search is to provide fast and trusted search results by indexing a domain as a single entity and not as individual pages, using a smaller than conventional dataset, and human review of all sites included.

  • Use the form below to submit your site for consideration. A one-time $19.95 review fee is required.

Why submit to Arielis?

  • Arielis will do a light crawl to integrate your content for search results.
  • Arielis provides classic directory listings and RSS syndication.
  • Arielis provides regional listings and automated search targetting that offer additional exposure for those with a local or regional presence.

Terms of Service:

  • No deep linking. Only submit the home page for your domain.
  • The website must provide unique value for a visitor.
  • The website must work and be compatible with common browsers.
  • The website must use the English language, or offer an English translation.
  • No illegal activity.
  • No offensive content (racism, hate).
  • No porn and or adult only content.

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By clicking submit, you agree to waive any claim(s) relating to the inclusion, exclusion, placement or deletion of this site in Arielis's search and directory listings, authorize ArielisBot to visit your website, and grant complete editorial power over this submission.
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