Business Services > Pest Control Business Services > Pest Control listings @ en-us Tue, 20 Mar 2012 00:17:34 -0600 CakePHP Terminix Termite Control Pest control and analysis. Schedule an appointment to eradicate your home of pests. Wed, 23 Nov 1994 00:00:00 -0700 Alpha Ecological Pest Control Offers pest control for residential and commercial customers throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Arizona. Thu, 11 Jun 1998 00:00:00 -0600 Termite Control Termite control information including guidelines for preventing, identifying, and getting rid of termites. Wed, 03 Oct 2001 00:00:00 -0600 PestBear Termite Control Provides high quality, professional termite and pest control services to homes in Texas and Florida with 365 day protection and quarterly follow-up visits. Tue, 19 Oct 2004 00:00:00 -0600 Termites Guide Guide for consumers who want to know how to inspect and exterminate termites. Tue, 26 Jun 2007 00:00:00 -0600