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Site Submission

Arielis is a feature-rich hybrid of a classic web directory (one of the oldest) and a pay-for-inclusion search engine.

Why submit to Arielis?

  • To be found in Arielis' search results for a wide range of keywords vertical to your market.
  • Arielis integrates deep search snippets of crawled content.
  • To be found in Arielis' internet web directory listings.
  • To be found in Arielis' directory syndication (RSS).
  • New listings are featured on Arielis' home page (time sensitive).
  • If you have a local or regional presence, to be found in Arielis' regional directory listings.
  • Every listing is hand edited.

Terms of Service:

  • No deep linking. Only submit the home page of your domain.
  • The website must work and be compatible with common browsers. No broken links, 'under construction', etc..
  • The website must use the English language or offer an English translation.
  • No illegal activity (including gambling and offshore pharmacies).
  • No offensive content (racism, excessive popup advertising).
  • No porn and or adult only content.
  • If your submission must be declined because it does not comply to the Terms of Service, your submission fee will not be refunded.
$79.95 per year
Featured listings are subscription based listings that are more prominently featured on Arielis. They display above the standard listings in the directory and are not paginated like the standard listings, so your listing may show on multiple paginated category pages. Featured listings are also more prominently featured in the search results and regional directory.

$29.95 one-time, non-refundable review fee
URLe.g. http://www.yoursite.com
TitleYour business name
Description2 or 3 sentences.
TagsYour keyword phrases
State / Province
By clicking submit, you agree to waive any claim(s) relating to the inclusion, exclusion, placement or deletion of this site in this directory, authorize ArielisBot to visit your website, and grant complete editorial power over this submission.